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Why this is the best website for visitors!

Why this is the best website for visitors!

First of all, this is the best website for visitors because this website is called "the best website". Secondly, this website is the best website for visitors because it meets a number of factors.

A reliable website

This website tries to be a reliable website. The design supports the content. The menu structure is set up consistently. The layout of articles is always the same. Hyperlinks to external websites are always at the bottom of "Want to know more?

The website is transparent about its purpose. You can read information about the administrator. There is a colophon with address. The administrator can be reached via telephone or contact form.

The website takes security into account. The privacy of visitors is safeguarded because we process as little personal data as possible: the contact form only has the much-needed fields. We only use functional cookies. And we have a privacy statement on the website.

A dynamic website

This is a dynamic website and it works with a Content Management System (CMS). The content is easy to adjust via a browser. This makes it easier to keep the website up to date. The website has a search function with which the visitor can find information. The CMS has an extensive possibility to arrange permissions. It is also easy to add new functionality. For example, the contact form and sitemap have not been added to the website by default and have been added later.

A user-friendly website

This website is user-friendly because it has a clear menu structure that makes the content of the website available in a logical way. The website has a crumb path that allows visitors to quickly see which part of the website they are in. Furthermore, the website has a sitemap with which visitors can quickly see what is present on the website.

The website adheres to web conventions: in the top left corner is the logo that clicks through to the homepage. At the top is a menu with sub-menu items underneath. At the bottom you will find a privacy statement, sitemap, and general terms and conditions. The hyperlinks in the text have a different colour and are underlined. And the "hover effect" makes it even more clear that the item is clickable.

Each page follows a certain layout. The content is divided into sections and provided with intermediate headings. This allows a visitor to quickly grasp the content.

The administrator section of this website has been optimised for administrators. Options that are not used are not shown. Shortcuts have been created on the admin console for functionality that is often used.

A mobile website

The website is mobile friendly. The website is responsive and automatically adjusts the screen size on the visitor's device. The website uses a sans-serif letter of 20px that can be easily read on a mobile phone. The main menu items are menu headings that do not refer to other pages. This makes the submenu items on a mobile phone easily accessible.

Google mobile friendly test

google test mobile friendly

Bing Mobile Friendliness Test Tool

bing webmaster tools mobile friendliness

A privacy friendly website

This website is privacy friendly because it takes the privacy of its visitors into account. The privacy statement explains what personal data we process (IP addresses and data via the contact form). Our contact form only asks for a few details that are necessary to process your responses. We keep the data in the database on the website for a maximum of 30 days.

The website only uses session cookies that are necessary for the functioning of the website. We use Google Analytics but anonymise the last digit of the IP address.

The communication between the visitor and the website is protected via a secure https connection. E-mail communication is sent with SSL/TLS via SMTPs.

A fast website

The speed of this website is good. According to the online tool "Fit on a Floppy" a page fits on a floppy. The website does not use too many photos. And the photos are optimized

Fit on a Floppy

fitonafloppy website

Other tests

This website has been tested well with various test methods: the Google Lighthouse test suite which is available in Google Chrome browser, and two additional services: GTMetrix and Yellowlab Tools.

Google Lighthouse

google lighthouse


gtmetrix reports

Yellowlab Tools

yellowlab tools result


Why this is the best website for visitors!

Is your website also the best site for visitors?

* according to Peter Martin

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