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Privacy-Friendly Test

Privacy-Friendly Test

Is your website privacy-friendly for your visitors? How privacy-friendly is your website? Have you tested the privacy friendliness?

Privacy-Friendly Test

Test your website

  • Transparency
    Are you transparent about the data you collect about your visitors? Do you have a privacy statement?
  • Tracking
    Limit the use of tracking technologies as much as possible. What tracking technologies does a website use?
    Test your website with: Blacklight - a Real-Time Website Privacy Inspector
  • Cookies
    Limit the use of cookies as much as possible. Does a website use cookies? How many? What type and for what purpose?


Does the website have a privacy statement? Does it contain information on who is responsible for data collection on the website? What data do you collect about the visitor? How do you collect the data? What the data is used for? What rights do visitors have regarding their data? Is the privacy statement easy to find?

Analyse tracking technologies

Websites that use external services to analyse their visitors, load files (JavaScript or images, e.g. 1 pixel) from the external service. Your visitors then unknowingly share their IP address with the external service. You can get an overview of such external sources in your browser.

Analyzing cookies

Some browsers allow you to analyse the cookies that a website places on your computer. In Google Chrome > Inspect (F12 or Control+Shift+I) > Application > left: Cookies > left: click on the website address to see the cookies.


The best website

  • Transparency
    In our privacy statement we mention that we use Matomo analysis software to measure anonymised visitors. We use IP anonymisation which means that the last digit of the IP address is not used for analysis.
  • Tracking
    Blacklight     did not find any ad tracking or third party cookies.
  • Cookies
    1 functional cookie from the website which is deleted after closing the browser and 2 cookies used by Matomo ("_pk_id" + "_pk_ses").
    Result Blacklight Website Privacy Inspector.

Result Blacklight Website Privacy Inspector

Blacklight Privacy Inspector

* according to Peter Martin

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